8/19 ~ No Bulk printing at office please..  Click HERE
8/19 ~ Trulia is rolling out a co-marketing program for Agents and Lenders on Sept 4, 2014..  Click HERE for details..

8/13 ~ Zillow, no photo, No Leads!..  If you have no photo on your profile on Zillow you will not appear next to your listings.  This will reflect poorly on you with your sellers and deny you any opportunity for leads.  Also, the office phone number is showing on some of your profiles so best to put your direct phone number on your profile so there is no delay in receiving any calls.  If you need assistance with this please forward me your login credentials and I will add your photo and make sure phone number is set up properly.  Thank you.

7/11 ~ XiLi (HomeInfoLine replacement)..  I have found a unique product to replace our now defunct homeinfoline.  It is called Xili Mobile (pronounced zilly)..  You just place the sign rider on your sign and let it rip.  You can also post to social media sites with it.  When consumers text HOMEINFO to 86789 GPS tracking lines them up with info on your listing and then you are sent their mobile number via text for follow up.  It is my understanding that it is best that you follow up with text vs. a phone call but do what you feel is best.  Some of you are using the old homeinfoline number and forwarding to your cell numbers and handling calls directly.  If you opt to take on new product this option will be discontinued or if you are more comfortable with phone then just don't opt for new service.  I think new service will provide for a great listing tool and basically just runs without doing anything.  I ordered replacement riders since they are all the same and will distribute as needed initially to get us started.  We will not go live until early in August when I get back from time off and have the riders available to distribute.  Please send me an e-mail telling me that you would like the service so I can get you set up.  For those who opt in the phone numbers for old service will be turned off at the end of August.  Once we get acclimated I will have Barb start putting code on listings in Craigslist and I am sure it will be a hit (Text mlsnumber to 86789).  Below please find different media describing the product. 

Cost will be absorbed by office.  It would be wise to review the FAQ's before getting involved.
Brief Video      |      Social Media User Guide      |      Example Sign Rider      |      FAQ's

6/18 ~ Office Update..  Please click HERE for video

Eventual Phone System Changes..  Your 925 fax numbers will be deleted near the end of 2014 but you will still retain the fax service and have your own fax number.  Click HERE for a chart that shows the number to be removed and the corresponding number replacing it that works now. Best that you stop promoting old number now

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