Thank you for gathering at Brio on Tuesday..
I appreciate your coming and generosity..  Most importantly thanks to all of you for working at RE/MAX Pros.  I hope I'm a little better at what I do then I used to be but know I can always improve and will continue to try.  I wish the best for all of you this holiday season!
Holiday office schedule..
Christmas: Closed, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, 12/24 - 12/26
New Years Eve: Closing, Wednesday 12/31 at Noon, then closed Thursday & Friday 1/1 & 1/2
Last Minute 2014 Commissions..
Commissions wired to us the on last day of the year will be disbursed to agent by check on the same day. Company accounting is pre-arranged so these commissions must be disbursed.  If you would prefer to have last minute commissions deferred until next year please have escrow agent wire after 12/31.  Unless we hear from you checks that come in on or prior to 12/31/14 will be deposited and commissions issued in the same fashion.  If you are at or near your cap, disbursement date of commission does not affect you as it is based on closing date.
Thank you.
Agenda for next office meeting on Tuesday, 1/6/15 at 9:30am..
9:30am: Win for the week
9:45am: Docusign refresher
10:15am: I can use help with?
11:00am: Adjourn
Like last year I will issue 1099's immediately after the New Year.  Your 1099 will reflect your net commissions (commission after legal fee and company split/BSF if applicable).  This makes it easy for your accountant as you will only report your 1099 income and amounts paid in for fees and you are done on the company side of things.  Thank you.
Rental/Lease Commissions.. 
Per our company accountant, we can no longer receive non-commission funds.  Security deposits and rents due landlord cannot be reimbursed through company so please have those checks cut separately and paid directly to landlord.  Checks received by company with commingled funds will be returned to agent for re-issuance.  Thank you!

IMPORTANT!  Please add the following language to your e-mail signature to fend off trouble..  
Nothing in this e-mail communication shall be construed as constituting a binding offer or counteroffer on behalf of a client, nor as consent to engage in any electronic transaction. 

I have recently spoken with legal counsel and there have been issues with texts and e-mail messages being deemed as binding electronic communications.  Best to stay away from texting when communicating negotiations and use e-mail at an absolute minimum with the above language included in your signature for protection.  Here are links to articles on the subject if you are interested:  OAR

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