4/18 ~ Upcoming Local RE/MAX Training..  Please click HERE
3/16 ~ Eventual Phone System Changes..  Towards the end of this year we will be undergoing a change with our phone system.  This will involve paring down our direct inward dial phone numbers.  We used to have our own fax server but now use a service for incoming faxes so your 925 fax number is forwarded to another number at this service.  These 925 fax numbers will be deleted when we undergo the change but you will still retain the service and have your own fax number.  Below please find a chart that shows the number to be removed and the corresponding number replacing it that works now.  Best that you change the fax number where applicable and on your business cards and such moving forward.  Hoping this won't be too much trouble as it seems faxing is so less common these days.  It will be October/November 2014 before this change occurs so you have plenty of time.
Flood Plain Issues..  We have had ongoing problems with this topic, especially in North Olmsted near the high school and it can be a deal breaker as the costs for flood insurance have skyrocketed.  If you suspect a property is in a flood plain I have access to flood certifications for $30.00 just let me know and I can turn around quickly.  The only remedy is to have the site surveyed to see if the property has fallen out of the flood plain.  Cost for this survey (elevation certificate) can be from $325. - $1,000.00 and there are no guarantees that the results will be favorable..  The new insurance carrier will need an elevation certificate if the current owner does not have it.  Please keep in mind that flood insurance is only mandatory if typical financing is used to secure the property.